.make sense! of this [NON]sense-tence.

27 July 2011

order nEonsense

EAA's chapbook nEonsense

this is my 1st chapbook

in it you will find experimental/visual poetry/wordscapes!


1) nEonsense (epic bright coloured pages + w0rdscapes )
2) nEonsense + art: (bird print + custom watercolour surprise )
3) nEonsense + art: (bird print + custom watercolour surprise ) + mixtape (custom mixed, including original neon glittery tracks )

ALSO: every order will have at least one additional art composition.

this variety includes but is not limited to: holga photographs / 35mm photographs / drawings / stickers / a (computer paper) copy of colourful graphic design (ideal for hanging on the wall) / etc

i will make/include something special/different for everyone.

Release date: 9/1/2011
Shipping is included with the price and will happen then.

get stoked, uguyz. u will like this
<3 neon

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