.make sense! of this [NON]sense-tence.

09 May 2018


interlace tears and sweat
strangers in between dreams

Do you remember how we met?
Your subconscious crashed into mine
at the speed of light

It's our fate, so divine
Your presence blows my tiny mind

02 January 2018

twenty eighteen: substance 1987

  buzz bizz buzz

Phone bZZZ Phone bizz Phone bUZZ

<-- go
go | GO
a  w  a  y

ju S T 
    o p
o k   ( ?
OK Google!
what do you know about life?
what can you teach me today?

I'ma keep listening to new order and survive
    your  a d  V i c e

tis quite the s_KI_p! in this blog
tis quite a D ri P! in this lo
tis a quiet t---r---i---p in the .f..o.g.

yet welcome back to: 
the present, to the future, the last days of my being thirty
it's negative twelve degrees celsius
january's here, for now

28 August 2012

treehouse noises


treehouse noises

a limited release chapbook of original concrete/experimental/visual poetry + playful/organic illustrations

i'm making 25 copies ever in my 25th year of life

shipping commences october 1st.

this is a rare + hand(heart)sewn publication. trust me it will be pretty (ix nay on the glitter) ;)
i'm using fabric sourced from my great grandmother's 1930s couch for each cover.

***bonus: original silkscreen print surprise AND neon creature sticker included!

love, neon glittery

25/25 SOLD OUT

04 September 2011

what is this even

when we finally emerge
and reach the surface
we are on the shore long enough to breathe
only &
then swiftly swept off with tidalwaves
washed out &
speckled into bursts of seafoam
along costal rocks and into deepwaters

your eyes are the ocean
vast and endless(ly) :mesmerizing:
i sink in them; drown in your azure depths

25 August 2011

/ / /

so you know,
the thing

the thing you've been waiting for

the thing

your dream

well it is here

it manifests itself ever so clearly before
and then-just-as-you-realize-IT-IS-INDEED-HERE-THE-DREAM-IT'S-HERE-OH-IS-IT-EVER-HERE-it
escapes through a screen

27 July 2011

order nEonsense

EAA's chapbook nEonsense

this is my 1st chapbook

in it you will find experimental/visual poetry/wordscapes!


1) nEonsense (epic bright coloured pages + w0rdscapes )
2) nEonsense + art: (bird print + custom watercolour surprise )
3) nEonsense + art: (bird print + custom watercolour surprise ) + mixtape (custom mixed, including original neon glittery tracks )

ALSO: every order will have at least one additional art composition.

this variety includes but is not limited to: holga photographs / 35mm photographs / drawings / stickers / a (computer paper) copy of colourful graphic design (ideal for hanging on the wall) / etc

i will make/include something special/different for everyone.

Release date: 9/1/2011
Shipping is included with the price and will happen then.

get stoked, uguyz. u will like this
<3 neon

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